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Who We Serve

Our service monkeys are provided at no cost to our recipients.

Spinal Cord Injury

ApplicantWe have placed Helping Hands service monkeys with people who have spinal cord injuries (complete and incomplete) at any level. Many of our monkeys are placed with recipients with quadriplegia (C-Level injuries), but we also accept applications from people living with paraplegia (T-Level injuries). Our thorough evaluation process and our decades of experience enable us to place our service monkeys where we know they will be most successful.

Our monkey helpers can perform a wide range of tasks to help recipients with many different levels of need. For example, a highly motivated, fully trained service monkey is a good fit for someone with a high-level cervical spinal cord injury who requires help with many tasks. But we also have service monkeys trained to perform fewer tasks who make perfect helpers for recipients who can use their hands, but need help with activities such as fetching out of reach items. 

We begin to process applications as we receive them, so there is not a lengthy wait to get started. But please note, applicants must be at least one-year post injury, and we cannot accept applications from candidates who are fully ventilator-dependent. See our eligibility requirements for more detailed information.

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