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Who We Serve

Our service monkeys are provided at no cost to our recipients.

For Healthcare Professionals and Support Providers

As a healthcare professional, you have a variety of post-injury/post-diagnosis care options and treatments available to your patients living with spinal cord injury and other mobility impairments. These options include the addition of a service animal to help them achieve greater independence with activities of daily living. Helping Hands service monkeys are trained to help adults living with paralysis due to injury or illness if the patient also:

  • Has unimpaired cognitive function
  • Lives in an independent home environment (often with the assistance of family or caregivers)
  • Requires help with everyday tasks within his or her home
  • Would welcome the emotional benefits of the human-animal bond

This is an interactive relationship. A Helping Hands recipient must be able to direct the care and behavior of their service animal, and follow guidelines in training, health, and diet for their monkey in order to be successful in our program. Read more about why monkeys, our eligibility requirements and application process, or feel free to call us directly at 617-787-4419 or contact us via email if you have a question about our program or a specific patient’s eligibility as an applicant.
We appreciate your interest and hope that you’ll join our staff in spreading the word about Helping Hands’ service animals.