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Our service monkeys are provided at no cost to our recipients.

Your Gift at Work

We are a team, she and I.  We help each other get through the day.  Having my monkey helper Jessica has put me back in a caregiver role again, given me purpose.  That renewed purpose distracts me from the pain, loneliness, and isolation I found in the wheelchair.

 - MaryAnne, Monkey Helper Recipient

Watch Basic Training to see how our monkeys learn to be such great helpers – and in some cases have figured out how to get more of their favorite treats!

There are many aspects to providing care, training, and placement for a monkey helper. Here are some of our most common expenses and how your donation, regardless of size, can help:

  • $25 provides toys, blankets, and stuffed animals for a monkey in training
  • $50 provides monkey chow, fruit, vegetables, and training treats for a monkey in training 
  • $150 can support shampoo, water, towels, and all the necessities to give our monkeys their baths
  • $250 can support technology upgrades at the Monkey College, in order to provide the best placement support using internet and online tools
  • $500 can support an equipment upgrade for a long-term monkey helper placement
  • $1,000 can support travel costs for our Placement Team to travel to a new recipient's home
  • $1,500 can help us with ongoing costs to maintain the dorm rooms, kitchen, training rooms, and laundry facilities at The Monkey College
Monkey Room & Board

$600 can provide a year's worth of healthy food, toys, treats, and fleece blankets.


Active Placement
Active Placement Support

$1,500 can provide skills reinforcement for a monkey and recipient, in addition to 24-hour veterinary advice and emergency care for one year.

Recipient Home Adaptation

$3,000 can provide monkey housing and adaptation technology for a new or active placement.

Monkey Healthcare

$6,000 can provide three months of veterinary care and support for the monkeys training at The Monkey College.

Monkey Training

$9,000 can provide one year of training for one monkey learning everyday tasks at The Monkey College.

New Placement Support

$15,000 can provide recipient application support, preparation and placement activities, and one year intensive post placement support.