We are permanently suspending all new placements, but are committed to the care of all our service monkeys. Learn More.

Support Us

We support all our service monkeys for their entire lives.

Your Gift at Work

We are a team, she and I.  We help each other get through the day. Having my monkey helper Jessica has put me back in a caregiver role again, given me purpose. That renewed purpose distracts me from the pain, loneliness, and isolation I found in the wheelchair.

 - MaryAnne, Monkey Helper Recipient

Watch Basic Training to see how our monkeys learn to be such great helpers, and in some cases have figured out how to get more of their favorite treats!

There are many aspects to providing care for a monkey helper. Here are some of our most common expenses and how your donation, regardless of size, can help:

  • $25 provides toys, blankets, and stuffed animals for a monkey at the Monkey Living Center
  • $50 provides monkey chow, fruit, vegetables, and training treats for a post-service monkey
  • $150 can support shampoo, water, towels, and all the necessities to give our monkeys their baths
  • $250 can support technology upgrades at the Monkey Living Center, in order to provide the best placement support using internet and online tools
  • $500 can support an equipment upgrade for a long-term monkey helper placement
  • $1,000 can help us with ongoing costs to maintain the residences, kitchen, and laundry facilities at The Monkey Living Center
  • $3,000 can provide monkey housing and adaptation technology for an active placement.
  • $6,000 can provide three months of veterinary care and support for the monkeys at The Monkey Living Center.