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Year of Birth: 1985
Species: Tufted capuchin
Nickname: Berto
Favorite treat: Oatmeal
Bathtime routine: He’s very tolerant of his bath. Doesn’t seem to love it, doesn’t seem to mind it.  Just all business and let’s get on with the fun!
Favorite Toy: He loves playing with a variety of toys. Albert's favorite playthings are not playthings at all! He loves getting his hands on shoes
Best Friend(s): He spends most of his play sessions with Bonnie. They can play quite a bit but also get into squirmishes so hard to call her a best friend.  More like an annoying little sister!
Favorite Quirk: Albert is easy to spot among his monkey friends. Just look for the monkey who is sucking on the tip of his tail




Year of Birth:
Favorite treat: Cucumbers, walnuts, and peanut butter
Bathtime routine: Max loves his baths. He likes his water filled up to the top and super hot - just like a hot tub! He likes to soak and swim around, and also tries to eat all the bubbles.
Best Friend(s): Joe, the Husbandry Assistant
Favorite Toy: He likes big toys to perch himself on and jump from
Most entertaining behavior: Max loves to lip smack and flirt with people in magazines, he thinks they’re attractive!
Favorite Quirk: Max loves to run up to people he knows and happy scream in excitement, he prefers to walk on the ground and will run.



Year of Birth: 1985
Nickname: Tater Tot, Sadiekins
Favorite treat: Anything!  She is extremely food motivated
Bathtime routine: Sadie absolutely loves her bath. She soaks in a deep tub of hot water with bubbles and zones out like she's in a hot tub
Best Friend(s): Toby and Kyla
Favorite Toy: Anything she can use as a tool to squish walnuts
Most entertaining behavior: Sadie likes to flirt and smack her lips quickly
Favorite Quirk: Sadie really tries to pick the noses of her monkey friends



Year of Birth: 1983
Nickname: Mango Man
Favorite treat: Peanut Butter, Cucumber
Bathtime routine:  His favorite part is eating the bubbles!
Best Friend(s): Wendy and Davey
Favorite Toy: anything that moves and clicks
Most entertaining behavior: He loves to relax, he also loves to play and flirt with other monkeys. He gives the best hugs!                                      



Year of Birth: 1986
Favorite treat: Oatmeal and peanut butter
Best Friend: Bingo
Favorite Toy: All toys! Especially trucks and action figures
Most entertaining behavior: Looking at a cell phone at his reflection
Favorite Quirk: Extremely flirty—especiaily with his trainer!



Year of Birth: 1986
Species: Tufted capuchin
Nickname: Toesy
Favorite treat: Walnuts
Bathtime routine: She loves to threaten the shampoo bottle, reach out and throw it into the tub and then jump onto it to submerge it like it’s a bath toy.  She doesn’t do this with toys though. Only the shampoo bottle!
Best Friend(s): Sadie
Favorite Toy: Flip phones to crush her vitamins
Most entertaining behavior: she absolutely loves to laugh and play and have raspberries blown on her tummy!
Favorite Quirk: She enjoys taking off her trainer's socks to play with her feet and toes!


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