Monkey Living Center Emergency Fund

For over 40 years, the capuchin monkeys at Helping Hands: Monkey Helpers have provided service, love, and companionship to people living with mobility impairments. Now, as these beloved monkeys return home to Boston from their heroic service, they need your help!

Helping Hands had already begun a multi-year envisioning process as we anticipated caring for our aging monkey population and taking on new challenges. We realized that older monkeys would be returning to Boston from their years of service and companionship in greater numbers and we renewed our commitment to creating the Monkey Living Center, ensuring a long-term safe space for them. With the upheaval of COVID-19, our timeline needed to be dramatically compressed. We were faced with an immediate and urgent need to rehabilitate and prepare a home suitable for our aging, post-service monkeys. We needed to start the renovations even before we began raising the funds, so now, we need your help to raise the $2 million dollars for the initial work and more for further upgrades!

The Monkeys Need You

With concerns over COVID-19 still lingering, improvements in airflow and ventilation were at the top of our emergency list in Spring 2021. The 20-year-old heating/cooling system was at end of life and replacement was particularly crucial for air quality improvements and energy efficiency.
The health and well-being of all our staff and monkeys is of critical importance, so we also:

• Built new play structures re-creating a variety of habitats appropriate for capuchins.

• Replaced outdated plumbing.

• Constructed and improved human workspaces, ensuring a healthy environment for all.

Our building must provide a safe, secure, and healthy physical environment for elderly monkeys as they enter their post-service years. They need your help right now. You can make an immediate difference and a part of our monkey helpers’ future.

They have given so much to so many – please provide them with the post-service home they deserve!

Naming Opportunities
Naming Opportunities include, but are not limited to:

• $1.5 million: Name the Building

• $200,000: HVAC System

• $150,000: Veterinary Suite

• $45,000: Window Enlargements

• $3,000 each (total of 5): Play Areas

• $1,500: Laundry Suite

• $1,000: Conferencing Equipment

For more information, please check out our Monkey Living Center brochure.

If you have difficulty with this form or would prefer to speak to a member of our staff, please call 617-787-4419 or contact us via email.

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