We are permanently suspending all new placements, but are committed to the care of all our service monkeys. Learn More.

Our Programs

We support all our service monkeys for their entire lives.

New Placement

The evaluation process actually begins when we receive a written application and references. Through a deliberate and careful process that includes telephone interviews, a home visit, and a readiness assessment, we gather detailed information about each applicant. Once an applicant is formally approved, we carefully review our monkeys in training to select the right monkey for the individual and the environment.

When the final match is made, our Placement Team arranges to spend six to eight days conducting on-site training in the recipient’s home. Our staff also works closely with state officials to acquire all the appropriate permits to receive and house a Helping Hands service monkey.

During the Placement Week, our Placement Team focuses on helping a recipient bond with his or her new monkey helper. They also conduct additional training to customize the monkey’s skills to the recipient’s specific needs and environment. Our staff teaches the recipient and his or her family and other caregivers about how to care for their new service animal, and about the monkey’s behavioral, health, and diet needs.

During the first year of a new placement these new partners learn each other’s capabilities and build a bond of trust and understanding. Our team carefully watches over each partnership during this formative time, staying in contact daily and then weekly with recipients to ensure the long-term success of this remarkable relationship.