Due to the COVID-19 virus, we are not accepting inquiries and are suspending placements. Click here for further details.

Our Programs

Our service monkeys are provided at no cost to our recipients.

Training Center

Our training center, The Thomas and Agnes Carvel Foundation Center, is a highly unique, carefully designed, comprehensive facility where our monkeys live and learn while they attend The Monkey College. It includes:

  • Monkey dorm rooms
  • Play and recreational areas
  • Bathing areas
  • A veterinary center
  • A kitchen for preparing monkey meals
  • Administrative and Placement offices
  • A workshop for designing and fabricating adaptive equipment
  • A respite care facility
  • Innovative classrooms that vary in size and complexity, equipped with closed-circuit TV and one-way glass to facilitate observation

The Thomas and Agnes Carvel Foundation Center contains within its walls the work and the spirit of Helping Hands. It is where we carefully prepare our service monkeys to be helpful, empowering, and loving companions for individuals living with physical disabilities.

The Monkey College is generally not open to the public. Please see our visitation policy for information.

Helping Hands does have a volunteer program for individuals eighteen years and older.