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Real Talk MS

Real Talk MS

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Join host Jon Strum each week as he breaks down the latest multiple sclerosis news. We’re talking about the amazing MS research that’s currently being done in laboratories around the world — and we’re talking to some of the brilliant neuroscientists who are conducting that research!

We’re monitoring the debate among our lawmakers surrounding prescription drug price transparency, healthcare legislation, funding for new and experimental MS research — anything that might impact your MS treatments.

And we’re talking with MS activists, MS caregivers, and other heroes who strive to raise the bar for those who battle MS every day.

If you’re dealing with multiple sclerosis in your life — as a patient, caregiver, family member, or friend — join us for RealTalk MS.

RealTalk MS Episode 20: Help at Home From Helping Hands (And That’s Some Serious Monkey Business)

While we’re tracking the breakthroughs and discoveries that move us closer to solving the riddle of multiple sclerosis, it’s also important to remember that people living with MS need help today. Some of them need help with even the most basic sorts of daily tasks. My guests on the podcast are Angela Lett and Alison Payne from Helping Hands, a non-profit organization that helps adults with MS and other mobility impairments live independent lives by providing them with a very special service animal — a highly trained capuchin monkey — to live in their home and assist them with the tasks of everyday living.

We’re also talking about how 3D printing technology is paving the way for important MS research.  And we’re talking about the cutting-edge research by an award-winning neuroscientist who is investigating the effects of aging on mylenation. And Canadian researchers may have identified an anti-depressant that can be re-purposed to treat Progressive MS.

We have a lot to talk about! So are you ready for RealTalk MS?