Corrine & Glassie


Service Monkeys - Corrine & Glassie - monkey on woman's shoulder

At age 17, Corinne started experiencing early signs of Multiple Sclerosis which continued to progress, leaving her fully paralyzed on the left side of her body by age 36.  A devoted wife and mother, Corinne applied to Helping Hands for a capuchin monkey after the passing of her first service animal, a dog named Fred. Corrinne was matched with Glassie in June 2008.

“I believe some of, if not all, of my caregivers’ guilt has lifted since Glassie’s arrival,” says Corinne. “Before, they didn’t want me to be alone or lonely, but now, they can leave knowing I’m being totally entertained and am just a ‘fetch’ command away from the phone. Numerous times she’s come to my rescue by opening a water bottle. Glassie has brought a new dimension to my life I never would have dreamed.  Also, this all came to me at absolutely no cost!”

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