Sadie – Tater Tot, Sadiekins

Sweet Sadie is a 36-year-old capuchin monkey enjoying her post-service years with her best friends Kyla and Toby at Helping Hands. She has helped multiple people over her many years and now deserves the very best care we can provide for her. Sadie loves all food and will happily munch on any treat you give her.

Kyla, Toby, and Sadie are the “Golden Girls” of the Monkey Living Center- three best friends enjoying their twilight years together. You would almost never guess their age when watching them play together with Alison! Sadie loves to “puppet,”  which is flirting with fingers moving under a piece of cloth. She likes to flirt and lip smack with all her friends!

Sadie LOVES her baths – she soaks in a deep tub of hot water with bubbles and zones out like she’s in a hot tub.                       

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