Craig & Minnie

Craig sustained a C-5 spinal cord injury as a result of an auto accident just weeks before his 30th birthday. Craig and Minnie were paired together in 2004.  A lifelong Anaheim Angels fan, Craig loved to watch the games at home with his own personal rally monkey! “Minnie made my life so much richer and fuller,” said Craig.


Robert & Hellion

In 1975 when Robert Foster was only 18 years old, he got into a car accident that left him a quadriplegic. His life was changed forever. He was unable to complete everyday tasks such as dressing and getting up in the morning on his own. Because he couldn’t afford around-the-clock care, he was only able to eat twice a day. But six years later, in 1981, Robert met Hellion and his life changed once again, this time for the better.


Angie & J-Lee

A new beginning, a better way to live with her new limitations – that is what Angie was looking for when she applied for a monkey helper in 2005. Paralyzed by spinal tumors, Angie, a veteran, was looking for ways to become more independent when she discovered Helping Hands. She was matched with her monkey helper, J-Lee, in 2006 and the pair quickly became constant companions. Her service monkey was there to help with the small, day-to-day challenges, and to be a loving friend during times of greater challenge, especially when Angie lost both her legs due to medical complications.


Travis & Siggy

“I joined the Navy right out of High School to pursue my dream of becoming a Navy Seal,” Travis recalled. “Unfortunately, I learned I had an undiagnosed injury in my shoulder that made it impossible for me to continue with the advanced training I had set my sights on. I had my accident in New Orleans after being discharged from the Navy. Long story short, I was out with some buddies one night and I made some bad decisions. It could happen to anyone. I fell and broke my neck.”


Bradley & Jerri

We’ve all known someone like Bradley.  He was a very active boy—he climbed before he walked, and soon after he started walking, he ran.  “Even as a toddler, Bradley would say, ‘Let me do it,’” recalled his mom, Tilda. “He was so very independent—never still, and on the go.”

Then, at age 18, Bradley hit his head in a diving accident near his home in Alabama, shattering his C6 vertebra. Just graduated from high school, facing endless possibilities, Bradley’s life came to a crashing halt. He was paralyzed.


Tim & Webster

Tim says his relationship with Webster is special. “Although I am injured, he looks up to me as his protector,” says Tim. “I don’t feel so depressed with him around. It is nice that someone is excited every time I come home. I would do anything for this little guy, just like he would do anything for me.”