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Meet Our Monkeys

Our service monkeys are provided at no cost to our recipients.


Meet Vicki!

Vicki is a very motivated monkey—she will speed through her tasks and then come wait for the next one. All of her training is fun but her favorite activity is to fetch things for people. When she’s done with her tasks, Vicki likes to snack on oatmeal and groom her pals or be groomed herself!

Vicki is a real athlete; she loves to jump and swing around with her pals at The Monkey College. She even likes to get them to wrestle with her! While Vicki is a very popular monkey, she always makes time for her best friends, Ashley and Phoebe.

Even though Vicki is serious about playing, she’s also serious about relaxing. After a long day of training, she loves to ease her way into a warm bath and soak as if it’s a hot tub! Her trainer, Brittany, loves Vicki’s relaxation face when she basks in the sun.

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