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Meet Our Monkeys

Our service monkeys are provided at no cost to our recipients.


Toby: Bringing smiles to others!

Do you know someone that can bring a smile to your face just by being in their company? That's Toby! Toby is a sweet 34-year-old capuchin monkey that lives at The Monkey College. She’s been placed successfully several times Tobyand has brought joy to many people.

One of her recipients, Michael, had these kind words to say about life with Toby:

“Technology is a wonderful thing. It can and has overcome many obstacles for myself and others like me. But it cannot do everything; it takes a hand to retrieve an item dropped onto the floor. When I tell people about my little Toby, I tell them 'my hands are broken but her hands work perfectly fine.' I cannot describe our relationship by what she does for me. The intangible things are often the very most meaningful.”

Toby with friends

Toby is currently enjoying her well-deserved retirement here at The Monkey College. Alison, her trainer, describes Toby as very smart with a wonderful sense of humor.Toby loves to laugh. What is Toby’s most entertaining behavior? She enjoys taking off her Alison's socks to play with her feet and toes! In the words of Alison, "Toby is such a love!"


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