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Meet Our Monkeys

Our service monkeys are provided at no cost to our recipients.


TC: Teecers!

Bathtime with TC and Koko

According to her trainer, Natalie, TC loves a good bath! She scrubs herself very vigorously, splashing lots of water out of the tub, and on Koko. TC also loves to play with the washcloth once Natalie is finished with it. TC will dunk the washcloth in the water and start scrubbing the window. She likes to think she’s being quite helpful! TC is a curious monkey. She likes to take Natalie’s keys and use them to try to insert and "unlock" things around the playroom. What a funny picture!Helping

TC loves spending time with Natalie. TC will make Natalie clap by pulling her hands apart and putting them together. TC would do this forever if she could! She also gets very excited and vocal when she hasn't seen Natalie in a few days. For example, TC just screams with joy when Natalie is back at work after the weekend.


TC is one of the youngest monkeys at Helping Hands. This 20-year-old girl was named after Thomas Carvel of the Thomas and Agnes Carvel Foundation Center (also known as The Monkey College).

Natalie and TC

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