Meet Our Monkeys

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Sophie Loves Cell Phones


Sophie is a super sweet monkey who we lovingly refer to as our little starlet! She has been featured in both a short media piece (Great Big Story) and a longer film (Judy and Sophie’s Story).

SophieSophie was paired with Judy until her passing in 2013, when she returned to The Monkey College.

She loves everybody and is super cuddly with her trainer. “You can tell when Sophie is really comfortable with someone,” says Marissa, her trainer. “Because she starts doing these incredible yoga poses! She will bring her foot up and put her toe either in her ear, on her forehead, or up her nose.”

Sophie loves any toy with buttons, particularly cell phones, but her favorite toys are a couple of Avatar action figures that she loves to carry around with her: she moves their arms and legs around and plays with them constantly.

Sophie’s favorite task is fetching objects and her favorite treat/reward is peanut butter, but she also loves to eat cucumbers and celery. Nemo is Sophie’s best friend and they enjoy playing together in the playroom, although Sophie also likes to run around by herself and head-butt the other trainers legs. She thinks it is hilarious.