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Meet Our Monkeys

Our service monkeys are provided at no cost to our recipients.

Monkey Profile #7

Nicky: Mr. Sweet & Sensitive!

Nicky is a sweet 29-year-old male capuchin monkey who lives here at The Monkey College.

When he was little, Nicky was raised by a Helping Hands foster care family where he learned to socialize with humans in a home environment. As you can imagine this was ideal preparation for working with a future recipient! As he grew older, Nicky headed off to The Monkey College for formal training.  In 2006, Nicky was placed with a young man, Robert. They had over ten years of wonderful years together until Robert passed away in 2016. Due to the change in Nicky's living arrangement, he returned to Helping Hands. After such a successful placement, Nicky is currently enjoying retirement life here at The Monkey College.Time for a Manicure!

Robin Nicky and DippyHis days are spent in the playroom spending quality time with Allyson, his trainer, and his half-sister, Robin, and friend, Dippy.  Allyson knows his personality better than anyone at The Monkey College! Nicky is one confident monkey so he responds well with a trainer who matches his confidence. Allyson and Nicky have mutual respect for each other. In fact, Nicky is now so comfortable with Allyson that he lets her see his softer side. He can’t get enough of warm towels and is in absolute heaven when it’s time for a manicure!  He gets so happy when it comes time to have his nails filed.

Allyson always speaks quite highly of her sweet boy.

Allyson and Nicky


"I was very happy to learn that I was going to be handling Nicky. Some of my favorite relationships have been smart, confident boys so I knew we’d be a great match."



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