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Meet Our Monkeys

Our service monkeys are provided at no cost to our recipients.

Monkey Profile #6

Amy: A Longtime Friend

Amy and MaryKay have been together since 2004. MaryKay chose Helping Hands because she saw a news segment on TV that showed her just how helpful a monkey could be to somebody with her level of mobility impairment. 

Capuchin monkeys have the ability to manipulate objects commonly used in a home environment. Amy’s nimble hands allow her to help open Ziploc bags and plastic containers. She can scale a shelf to get something for MaryKay or pick somethingAmy up off the ground. MaryKay remarked how much Amy loves to retrieve objects!

Amy, and her fellow capuchins, are fairly small in size (about 6-8 lbs). Their small size allows to make closer contact with our recipients. Unlike a service dog, Amy can sit right on her shoulder and snuggle close to her face.  Earrings and hair provide endless fascination!  

Evenings are MaryKay’s favorite time of day.  This special time serves as being both snack time and playtime. Once snack time is over, playtime commences.  This is also a time when Amy is at her silliest.

Mary Kay and AmyLike many of our recipients, MaryKay speaks fondly of their symbiotic relationship.

I make all the decisions for her well-being and if I didn’t do a good job it would show in her health and her disposition towards me.  I am Amy’s caretaker, her protector and savior when something scary is near and I relish this role.

Join us in congratulating MaryKay and Amy for 15 years together! Find out more about MaryKay and Amy’s relationship in Beyond The Tasks.


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