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Meet Our Monkeys

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Monkey Profile #30


Goldie and Lisa are inseparable!

They even enjoy taking their baths together! Lisa is the brave one of the pair, and once she investigates a new situation and deems it okay, Goldie follows her lead! 

They can be seen in the playroom doing their favorite activities, grooming and wrestling with each other. Goldie's favorite toy is anything that she can take apart! She loves to try and disassemble even the sturdiest of toys. She also loves flip phones and uses them to crush her nuts or Caltrate!                    

When Goldie sees a monkey she really likes, instead of lip smacking or flirting with them, she completely freezes, and then flops over on her side so her friend can groom her. Goldie is a meticulous groomer. She loves grooming other monkeys and her trainer. She makes sure all her friends are looking good!            

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