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Meet Our Monkeys

Our service monkeys are provided at no cost to our recipients.

Monkey Profile #3

Minnie: A Perfect Companion!

Helping Hands service monkeys are highly regarded for assisting with a variety of household tasks to people living with spinal cord injuries and other mobility impairments.  Our service monkeys also provide an additional benefit—the gift of dedicated companionship. Craig and Minnie are a wonderful example of the human-animal bond.

Craig and Minnie have been together since 2004. MinnCraig and Minnie at the Beachie is a well-behaved little 38-year old capuchin monkey.  She assists Craig with necessary household tasks; such as picking up his phone, picking up dropped utensils, and turning on his computer. She also offers companionship and a renewed sense of purpose.

The change in lifestyle was tough on Craig in the years following his car accident. “Man, was I in a funk,” Craig says, “I had great friends, things were starting to look up, but I was just blue-just funky.”  But after some time with Minnie, Craig says “But now, I couldn’t imagine life without hCraig and Minnieer-she’s my best friend.”  Craig never hesitates to discuss how Helping Hands has changed his life.

Minnie and I share a bond I never knew we would have,” We’re a pretty awesome team together.”

They are a great team-she helps him and quite often does tasks without being told. She'll notice when his foot is out of position and fix it without being asked or if his arm is off the armrest she'll grab it and put it back on. She makes him laugh with some of her antics (she'll pick up a dropped model train and "help" put it back on the track; sometimes upside-down or sideways). He notes that independence, personality, and laughter are all part of his life after recieving his service monkey, Minnie. 

"Minnie has made my life in a wheelchair bearable and given me back a life I thought was gone after my car accident." 

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