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Meet Our Monkeys

Our service monkeys are provided at no cost to our recipients.

Monkey Profile #29


Lisa is our most recent Helping Hands superstar. She was highlighted for our Fall 2019 Newsletter with her placement trainer, Jessica.

Lisa is the social butterfly of the monkey college. She is friends with almost every monkey who lives here. She loves to go over and greet other monkeys as they enter the playroom with their trainer, and can often be seen grooming or playing with her friends. When she’s not interacting with her monkey friends, she is cuddled up, sucking her thumb, with her finger in her ear. This is when you know Lisa is completely relaxed. She's an absolute sweetheart!

Not only does Lisa love training and doing tasks, but she also loves to groom and be groomed by her person. This makes Lisa a great placement candidate, as she not only enjoys doing tasks for her recipient, but also provides them with a great amount of companionship.

We hope you enjoyed your 29th 2019 Monkey Profile!

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