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Monkey Profile #28

Mango: Mango Man!

Mango is one of the older monkeys here at The Monkey College—he's 36. He's been placed two times, and his first placement lasted 15 years! Natalie, his placement trainer, has a special bond with Mango because they are the same age—they were born just three months apart!

They love spending quite moments together in the playroom. He loves to lounge with his whole body stretched out. He'll give Natalie his hand or foot to hold while he relaxes. Even though he loves to relax, he also loves to play and flirt with other monkeys, or with Natalie.

She'll also tell you that he gives the best hugs! As for bath time, Mango doesn't love them but tolerates them well. He stands straight up in the tub and holds on to the faucet while she scrubs him. His favorite part is eating the bubbles!

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