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Monkey Profile #27

Wendy: Wendy Woo

Wendy is a 27-year-old capuchin living at The Monkey College.

Room for one more?Wendy is a shy girl around people but she can be a confident monkey around her monkey friends! At Wendy's last placement, she made friends with the family cat. Most monkeys feel that cats are too far beneath them to pay any attention to, but Wendy loved to groom and even play with the cat!You caught me blinking!

Wendy doesn't love her baths, but she tolerates them. She holds on to the side of the sink and lets her trainer do all the work scrubbing and rinsing her. She gets a lick of peanut butter as she dries her off for being such a good girl!

Mango and Wendy are best friends. That is until it comes to competing for lap time with their placement trainer, Natalie! When Wendy is very relaxed, she sits with one leg lifted up wrapped around her head, which looks very uncomfortable, but must be comfy to her! She's also a big cuddlebug and likes a specific place on Natalie’s lap. If Mango is there, she squeezes between Natalie and Wendy until he moves. She can definitely be a lap-hog but Natalie always makes room for more!

We hope you enjoyed your 27th 2019 Monkey Profile!Love the sunshine

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