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Monkey Profile #25


Meet Tricia! Tricia is a 27-year-old capuchin monkey at The Monkey College.

Tricia’s best monkey friends are Lisa and Bambi. Tricia sits in the playroom with Lisa and Bambi every day. Nice and Cozy. Now where is my lap?She has a different relationship with each of her friends. She loves to cuddle and groom her friend Lisa but will only play and wrestle with Bambi!

Thanks for helping me!Tricia loves her baths! She prefers to stand up under the running water and have the warm water run down her back. She also loves to wash herself in the soapy bubbles. As you can see from the pictures, Tricia loves all toys! She also loves her babydoll stuffed animal that she gets every night.   

Tricia loves nothing more than a good cuddle. Her placement trainer, Jessica, is more than happy to provide a lap! Tricia loves to curl up on Jessica’s lap with a thumb in her mouth. Tricia's specialty is opening presents! Tricia is a pro since she receives a birthday present every year. She has lots of practice!

Opening presents? Not a problem!

What a view!

We hope you enjoyed your 25th 2019 Monkey Profile!

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