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Monkey Profile #23

Cute as a Button!

Is it playtime? Buttons will play and manipulate any toy that is handed to him. Trucks and action figures are some of his favorite toys. He shares his playtime with his best buddy, Bingo.

Oops..I think I just took a picture on your phone!

Allyson, his placement trainer, commented on his boundless energy. This 33-year-old capuchin will jump and explore like no monkey she’s ever seen! When he’s not on the go, he likes looking at her phone at his reflection. He'll also pause for oatmeal and peanut butter—his favorite healthy snack.

Buttons is extremely flirty! He will flirt with Allyson if she makes eye contact.

What did Mom send me?

Who doesn't love packages in the mail? Buttons receives present every year on his birthday and Christmas from his former foster parent. Opening the box is just as much fun as the present inside!

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