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Monkey Profile #21


Say hello to Judge!

Judge is a 25-year-old monkey at The Monkey College. He loves spending time with placement trainer, Jessica, as well as his best monkey friends, Ashley and TC. He's such a social butterfly! Toys with mirrors are his absolute favorites. Judge has a special mirror in his enclosure because one of his favorite things to do is to flirt with himself!

Cucumbers are a favorite healthy treat. He even has a particular way of eating them. He'll hollow out the middle of the cucumber first before eating the outside skin. Tickle!

Mmmmmmmmmm...did you hear that? Something about the sound of humming drives Judge wild with delight! According to Jessica, when they are in the playroom and she starts humming he'll put his ear up to her mouth and cuddle in her lap.

Judge has many endearing qualities. He has a wonderful laugh, loves a good tickle session, and according to Jessica gives “the best hugs.” When saying hi to his favorite trainers he will wrap his arms around their neck and scream in excitement!

Jess and JudgeSpeaking of tickling, Judge has a special game he plays with Jessica. She describes a game "where he wants me to try and catch is tail while I am tickling him! He will sway it back and forth until I am quick enough to catch it!"

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