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Meet Our Monkeys

Our service monkeys are provided at no cost to our recipients.

Monkey Profile #2

Sophie: One Creative Monkey!

Sophie is gentle and sweet natured little 28-year-old capuchin. While she was at The Monkey College she was as motivated by hugs as she was by food rewards! Like us, she loves warm blankets right from the dryer to snuggleBrett and Sophie
with. Adored by the staff and her many monkey friends, Sophie was a joy to work with every day. 

Sophie was placed with Brett and his family in January 2018. She's fitting in quite nicely with all the family members. The family has many other animals, such as horses and dogs, so they are familiar with caring for animals. Kristen; Brett's wife, was excited to have a service monkey in their home. No day is ever the same for little Sophie. She cuddles with Brett and takes long naps on him. She loves the sunshine! In the warmer weather, she’ll accompany Brett to the front yard. She’ll keep him company while playing with bugs (she’s endlessly fascinated by spiders and grasshoppers). Sophie and Magazines

Mail delivery is the highlight of her day! Kristen will give her junk mail to open and decorate with her personal collection of crayons. Sometimes, she’ll just flip through the magazines. Although Sophie loves her toys, she
’s just as content playing with empty water bottles (in which she cleverly stores her smaller toys) and boxes. Sophie’s affectionate (and creative!) personality brightens the lives of the entire family.

Congratulations, Brett and Sophie, on your one-year anniversary! We look forward to hearing more stories in the future.

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