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Monkey Profile #18

Dippy: Dippy-Do!

Meet Dippy (or fondly known as Dippy-Do). This 31-year-old cutie is such a character!

All the Helping Hands monkeys have their own distinct personalities. Did you know that they all take baths a bit differently? Some like still water. Some like to play in bubbles. Some prefer to be under a shower. I'm ready for my bath!Some bathe themselves. Some, like Dippy, like their trainer to do all the work! Dippy will sit quite comfortably under the faucet and have her trainer Allyson wash and rinse her. This little performance won’t prevent Dippy from receiving oatmeal—her favorite treat!

If you’re ever looking for Dippy, try to find Robin and Pawa. Dippy won't be far behind! Robin and Pawa are Dippy's best friends. Nicky and DippyDippy is very playful and loves to chase and wrestle any monkey.

She's great about playing on her own as well. Anything can be considered a toy—even tape measure and playing cards (52 pick-up anyone?!!) In fact, she’ll get four toys in her cage daily. Allyson will have to give her two rubber bouncy balls so she can use them as “pillow” under her blankets. Dippy will prop them perfectly as pillows or a backrest.  MmmmmOkay, I'm ready for bed

Dippy’s most entaining behavior?

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Dippy! Dippy will jump through the air into Allyson’s arms (that is, if Dippy is feeling super playful).

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