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Monkey Profile #17

Kyla: Good things come in small packages!

Quality time with her trainer, Alison

Don’t let her size fool you. Kyla is quite the self-assured and independent little lady.

Kyla is a 32-year-old monkey living at The Monkey College. She enjoys spending her time with the trainers and other monkeys! As you can see, she very much enjoys her time with her trainer, Alison. Alison knows that Kyla is a bit particular with toys. If she could, Kyla would tell you that she'd much prefer interactive toys (buttons, levels, or movable parts) over toys with faces or ones that squeak!

GroomingYou won’t have to tell her twice to eat her veggies! Favorite greens? Brussel sprouts and cucumbers. Delicious! Like many of our monkeys, Kyla loves healthy snacks. She's one happy camper when you give her some nuts, oatmeal, or peanut butter. Kyla's idea of a perfect afternoon would be lying in a quiet sunny spot in our playroom and eating her snack.Did someone say "Selfie?"

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