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Meet Our Monkeys

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Monkey Profile #16

O'Leary: "O" what a monkey!

O’Leary is a 32-year-old monkey living at The Monkey College. He is quite an active, friendly, and smart monkey. So smart in fact that he is always trying to outsmart his trainer Jessica!  Nothing like cuddling in a warm blanket!

O’Leary (fondly known as "O" or "O man") is by far the MOST charismatic of all the monkeys in her care. He’s quite the attention-seeker. It doesn't matter if he’s playing with other trainers or monkeys—he loves being the center of attention! 

Mirror, Mirror

Many of our monkeys, as you may know, enjoy playing with toys. O’Leary prefers toys with mirrors. Sometimes Jess will catch him flirting with himself in the mirror! He also enjoys spending quiet moments wrapped up in warm blankets and towels.

His most endearing behavior? When he’s relaxed he will sit in the same position with his tail curled up in a half heart shape-his signature pose!Have a Heart!

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