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Monkey Profile #15

Gwen: A Star!

Snack time!Gwen is a sweet little 21-year-old monkey living at The Monkey College. Her idea of a perfect afternoon would to be cuddled and groomed by Kim, her trainer. Gwen is not shy in letting her trainer know when she wants more time in her lap! Gwen loves to have an audience. When she doesn’t get the attention she thinks she desYour attention, please!erves she will flirt, whine a bit, and balance an empty treat cup on her head. What a character! As you can imagine, it’s hard not to give her lots of attention after that all-star performance!

Gwen loves to play with any kind of toy—especially the ones she can manipulate with her hands. All this fun can be quite exhausting for one little monkey. If you see her stick a finger in her ear that's the telltale sign that she's completely relaxed!

What a character!
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