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Meet Our Monkeys

Our service monkeys are provided at no cost to our recipients.

Monkey Profile #10

"Sassy" Glassie!

What’s it like sharing your life with a 27-year-old capuchin monkey? 

Just ask Corinne! Corinne found out about Helping Hands on a national news program. She began the application process immediately.  In January 2008, “Sassy” Glassie arrived at her door with two placement trainers. As all our recipients can attest, it takes both patience and commitment to have a service monkey.  Corinne likens living with a monkey to “having a two-year-old” where “every day is a new adventure.”  Glassie definitely keeps Corrine on her toes!Corinne and Glassie enjoying the sunshine

At home, Glassie assumes the dual role of Corinne’s protector and companion. Glassie will keep a watchful eye out the window and let out different noises to alert Corinne of a friend or stranger approaching the door.  Glassie will also retrieve a dropped cell phone so Corinne is assured that help is only a call away. Corinne also speaks fondly of her quiet time with Glassie. They both enjoy the afternoons where they groom each other, the sunny days on the back porch where Corinne will wheel close to a bush so Glassie can treat herself to tasty bugs, and the weekly ritual of Glassie’s “Monday Manicure.”  As you can tell, theirs is a wonderful partnership that truly reflects the power of the human-animal bond. We look forward to hearing more from Corinne and Glassie in the future!

Hunting for tasty bugs

Quiet Time

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