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Meet Our Monkeys

Our service monkeys are provided at no cost to our recipients.


Lucy Goosey

What comes to mind if someone asks you to name some favorite monkey treats? You might think of healthy treats like peanut butter or oatmeal. Not for Lucy (Lucy Goosey or just Goose)! Her favorite treat is sucking on a hard chunk of chow like a jawbreaker (weird but true!).  Favorite treat!You can see a great example in the picture on the right.

Some monkeys love their weekly baths. Some are not as big a fan of baths like Lucy. Lucy is very cooperative but her trainer, Alison, knows to keep bathtime short and sweet! Lucy does not like bubbles so she has the shampoo applied right on her.


Lucy is a 29-year-old capuchin monkey. Her most entertaining behavior is watching her try to get her 38-year-old buddy Becky to play. Lucy is persistent but gentle with play. She tries to get Becky to join her in a fun game of ball throwing!

Alison and LucyAlison explains her relationship with Lucy, “She is a doll. She might have a very skittish nature so our bond took longer to form than with many monkeys but now we are great friends and it makes cuddles with her all the more precious!”

Their quality girl time includes grooming Alison’s hair. When she’s not paying close attention Lucy can give her quite the hairdos!  

What are best girlfriends for?

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