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Meet Our Monkeys

We support all our service monkeys for their entire lives.


Kathy Girl!

Kathy is a 28-year-old retired capuchin monkey living in the care of a loving foster family. She was successfully placed with a recipient for nine years until he passed away in 2016. When Kathy returned to The Monkey College, she was welcomed back by the entire training staff Meet Kathy!and her monkey friends. Our team of professionals assessed Kathy’s age and health and determined that she should enter after-service care.

Unbeknownst to Kathy, a special surprise would soon be waiting for her.

A woman named Kerri reached out to Helping Hands to inquire about our foster program. She’ll tell you that she can’t recall a time in her life where she didn’t love monkeys! Kerri decided, after further research into our program, to apply to become a foster parent. The application process to become a foster parent is similar to the recipient application process.  Finding the right personality match is vital to the success of the relationship. Kerri was approved as a foster parent and matched with a social and affectionate monkey named Kathy.

 “Kathy girl” would soon be on her way to a new home.

The training staff helped to make the transition to Kerri’s home as smooth as possible. Our placement staff is available 24/7 to answer any questions a foster parent might have.

Kathy adjusted quickly to her new environment. Kerri soon found out Kathy’s fondness for peanut butter and bath bubbles. Kathy loves to lick, taste, and rub the bubbles all over before getting into the water. Her favorite toys are ones with mirrors. Kathy lip smacks into her toy mirrors. If a pretty girl is on TV, she’ll lip smack and kiss the TV screen. Capuchins and other primates will use lip smacking behavior as a form of friendly communication—a lip smack can mean anything from “I love you” to “hello there” to “I’m sorry.”

Kathy likes to think of herself as a regular Ms. Fix-it. She keeps a close eye on Ted, Kerri’s husband, as he cleans or fixes things around the house. She tries to join him when she sees an opportunity!

As the sun sets, Kathy’s day is far from over.  On warm summer days, she loves more than anything to spend time outside being groomed by her people and stopping mid-groom to catch moths or “anything that is moving.”

What’s the most rewarding part of opening your home to a Helping Hands monkey? Kerri and Ted share their view, “We love the service and the program of Helping Hands. We want to give these retired monkeys a wonderful life and spoil them and treat them like little kings and queens.”

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