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Meet Our Monkeys

Our service monkeys are provided at no cost to our recipients.


Dan the Man

Daniel is one funny, happy-go-lucky 31-year-old capuchin.

His best buddy is Charlie. They love to groom each other and lipsmack.  Unlike human lipsmaking, lipsmaking in the primate world is not considered rude.

This behavior is a sign of mutual affection.Best Friends! Daniel (left) Charlie (right) It is Daniel's special way of saying, “Hey, I’m a nice monkey and I think you are nice too!”

TreatsSometimes Daniel and Charlie will hang out together with the T.V turned on, groom each other and watch shows between bites of delicious oats and walnuts. 

Each of the monkeys at The Monkey College has a favorite activity. Daniel LOVES watching television. Placement Trainer and Manager of Husbandry Staff & Volunteer Development, Natalie, is not sure what it is about the TV but she does know that he makes a lot of happy noises when it is turned on!  As you can imagine, these silly antics brighten her day!TV

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