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Meet Our Monkeys

Our service monkeys are provided at no cost to our recipients.


Allie: Bobbins!

Meet Allie, a 31-year old capuchin monkey. Since she considered you a close friend, you may call her as “Bobbins.” Allie was placed with recipients in both Massachusetts and Maine - now she is spending her post-service years at The Monkey College. Her favorite taks to perform? Opening water bottles for her human partner.

Why “Bobbins?” Alison, the Director of Monkey Care, gave Allie the nickname “Allie Baba” and over the years that nickname transformed into just “Bobbins.” This new moniker seems to suit her just fine!

Bobbins is having a wonderful time at The Monkey College. Who wouldn't when there are so many toys and friends to play with?  Her favorite toy? Flip phones or anything with mirrors. She also loves small stuffed animals. Her best friends are Bonnie and Daisy.

Ahhh..doesn’t soaking in a nice, warm tub sound delightful? Bobbins thinks so—but don’t expect her to get excited when she gets her face washed! Ahh a warm bath!

This little one has some entertaining behavior! When she flirts and tries to look extra cute she sticks her tongue out very far! When she is very relaxed, Bobbins will curl up, grunt contentedly and stick her finger in her nose!

Bobbins is a special girl who makes friends easily and loves to cuddle with her trainer under warm laundry. Warm blankets and towels are her absolute favorite thing in the world even more than her favorite treat, walnuts!Time to relax!

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