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Meet Our Monkeys

Our service monkeys are provided at no cost to our recipients.


Albert: The Class Clown!

Albert is a smart, funny, and quirky 34-year old monkey who lives at The Monkey College. albert and shoes

After providing wonderful service to past recipients, Albert came back to live at The Monkey College.  Like many of our monkeys, he loves playing with a variety of toys. Albert's favorite playthings are not playthings at all! He loves getting his hands on shoes.  He’ll play with shoes (as well as hats) any chance he can get. 

On somAlbert and Allisone days, he enjoys sitting on his trainer's shoulders or relaxing on the back of a chair taking it all in.  On others, he can hold a good conversation.  He's known to be quite the chatterbox!

Albert is easy to spot among his monkey friends. Just look for the monkey who is sucking on the tip of his tail!Albert sucking on his tail

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