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Meet Our Monkeys

Our service monkeys are provided at no cost to our recipients.

Our Monkey Helpers: Celebrate 40 Years with 40 Monkey Profiles!

Festivale 40th anniversary

In celebration of Helping Hands: Monkey Helpers 40th Anniversary, we present you with 40 Monkey Profiles to celebrate 40 years!

Since 1979, Helping Hands has trained, placed, and cared for retired service monkeys. Be sure to check your newsletters, e-newsletters, and on all communication channels including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter this anniversary year!


Hellion: The Trailblazer!

Hellion was the first monkey placed with Helping Hands: Monkey Helpers. In 1979, she was placed with recipient Robert Foster; a Boston resident. Hellion was known to be quite bright.

Sophie: One Creative Monkey!

Sophie is gentle and sweet natured little 28-year-old capuchin. While she was at The Monkey College she was as motivated by hugs as she was by food rewards!

Minnie: A Perfect Companion!

Helping Hands service monkeys are highly regarded for assisting with a variety of household tasks to people living with spinal cord injuries and other mobility impairments.

Albert: The Class Clown!

Albert is a smart, funny, and quirky 34-year old monkey who lives at The Monkey College. After providing wonderful service to past recipients, Albert came back to live at The Monkey College.

Becky: "Queen" of The Monkey College!

Becky is one of the favorites among the volunteers and staff here at The Monkey College.  

Amy: A Longtime Friend

Amy and MaryKay have been together since 2004. MaryKay chose Helping Hands because she saw a news segment on TV that showed her just how helpful a monkey could be to somebody with her level of mobility impairment. 

Nicky: Mr. Sweet & Sensitive!

Nicky is a sweet 29-year-old male capuchin monkey who lives here at The Monkey College.

Spike: A little bit silly, a little bit serious

Spike is a handsome 32-year-old capuchin monkey.

Dorothy: The Bathing Queen!

Dorothy is such a love! She has quite a sweet and gentle nature about her.

"Sassy" Glassie!

What’s it like sharing your life with a 27-year-old capuchin monkey? 

Shy Shelly!

Writer Mark Twain once said "Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been." We think Shelly would agree with Mr. Twain!

Dan the Man

Daniel is one funny, happy-go-lucky 30-year-old capuchin.

His best buddy is Charlie. They love to groom each other and lipsmack.  Unlike human lipsmaking, lipsmaking in the primate world is not considered rude.


Kim started at Helping Hands in 2014 as an intern during her undergraduate studies at Boston University. She enjoyed her internship and continued on as a volunteer.

Toby: Bringing smiles to others!

Do you know someone that can bring a smile to your face just by being in their company? That’s Toby! Toby is a sweet 33-year-old capuchin monkey that lives at The Monkey College.

Gwen: A Star!

Curtain's up. Here comes Gwen! Gwen is a sweet little 21-year-old monkey living at The Monkey College.

O'Leary: "O" what a monkey!

O’Leary is a 32-year-old monkey living at The Monkey College. He is quite an active, friendly, and smart monkey. So smart in fact that he is always trying to outsmart his trainer Jessica!

Kyla: Good things come in small packages!

Don’t let her size fool you. Kyla is quite the self-assured and independent little lady.

Dippy: Dippy-Do!

Meet Dippy! This 31-year-old cutie is such a character.

Allie: Bobbins!

Meet Allie, a 30-year old capuchin monkey. Since she considered you a close friend, you may call her as “Bobbins.”

TC: Teecers!

TC's name may sound familiar to you. Did you see the Monkey Love Stories that we had on social media back in February? You may recall reading about TC and her bathing antics with her best friend, Koko.


Say hello to Judge!

Judge is a 25-year-old monkey at The Monkey College. He loves spending time with placement trainer, Jessica, as well as his best monkey friends, Ashley and TC. He's such a social butterfly!


Kathy is a 28-year-old retired capuchin monkey living in the care of a loving foster family. She was successfully placed with a recipient for nine years until he passed away in 2016.

Cute as a Button!

Ready to play? Buttons will play and manipulate any toy that is handed to him.

Lucy Goosey

What comes to mind if someone asks you to name some favorite monkey treats? You might think of healthy treats like peanut butter or oatmeal. Not for Miss Lucy!


Meet Tricia! Tricia is a 27-year-old capuchin monkey at The Monkey College.

Koko: Sweet "Koko Bean!"

Do you recall meeting Koko in the Monkey Love Stories back in February?

Wendy: Wendy Woo

Wendy is a 27-year-old capuchin living at The Monkey College.

Mango: Mango Man!

Mango is one of the older monkeys here at The Monkey College—he's 36. He's been placed two times, and his first placement lasted 15 years!


Lisa is our most recent Helping Hands superstar. She was highlighted for our Fall 2019 Newsletter with her placement trainer, Jessica.


Goldie and Lisa are inseparable!

They even enjoy taking their baths together! Lisa is the brave one of the pair, and once she investigates a new situation and deems it okay, Goldie follows her lead!


Meet Vicki!