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Meet Our Monkeys

We support all our service monkeys for their entire lives.

Our Monkey Helpers!

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Sadie - Tater Tot, Sadiekins

Sweet Sadie is a 36 year old monkey enjoying her post-service years with her best friends Kyla and Toby at Helping Hands - together they are the Golden Girls!

Albert: The Class Clown!

Albert is a smart, funny, and quirky monkey who turns 36 years old in July 2021. After providing wonderful service to past recipients over the years, Albert came back to Boston to live at The Monkey Living Center.

Becky: "Queen" of The Monkey College!

Becky was one of the favorites among the volunteers and staff here at The Monkey College and her markings looked a bit different than a lot of our other monkeys. She was a Cebus Albifrons, more commonly known as a white-fronted capuchin. This species generally has a light brown back and a white underside. Our oldest monkey in 2021, she sadly passed away in April. 


Amy: A Longtime Friend

Amy and MaryKay have been together since 2004. MaryKay chose Helping Hands because she saw a news segment on TV that showed her just how helpful a monkey could be to somebody with her level of mobility impairment.

Nicky: Mr. Sweet & Sensitive!

Nicky, a sweet 30-year-old male capuchin monkey, is enjoying his post-service life here at The Monkey Living Center.

Dorothy: The Bathing Queen!

Dorothy is such a love! She has quite a sweet and gentle nature about her.

"Sassy" Glassie!

What’s it like sharing your life with a 28-year-old capuchin monkey? 

Shy Shelly!

Writer Mark Twain once said "Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been." We think Shelly would agree with Mr. Twain!

Dan the Man

Daniel is one funny, happy-go-lucky capuchin who will be 32 years-old in December of 2021.

Toby: Bringing smiles to others!

Do you know someone that can bring a smile to your face just by being in their company? That’s Toby! Toby is a sweet 34-year-old capuchin monkey that resides at The Monkey Living Center.

Gwen: A Star!

Curtain's up. Here comes Gwen! Gwen is a sweet little monkey who loves to have an audience when she is being funny!

O'Leary: "O" what a monkey!

O’Leary is an active, friendly, monkey who turns 34 years old in October 2021. He is quite smart; so smart in fact that he is always trying to outsmart his trainer!

Kyla: Good things come in small packages!

Don’t let her size fool you. Kyla is quite the self-assured and independent little lady.

Dippy: Dippy-Do!

Meet Dippy! This 33-year-old cutie is such a character.

Allie: Bobbins!

Meet Allie, a 32-year-old capuchin monkey. Since she considers you a close friend, you may call her “Bobbins.”


TC: Teecers!

TC loves a good bath! She scrubs herself very vigorously, splashing lots of water out of the tub and onto her best friend, Koko!

Kathy Girl!

Kathy has a fondness for peanut butter and bath bubbles. She loves to lick, taste, and rub the bubbles all over before getting into the water. Her favorite toys all have mirrors.

Cute as a Button!

Ready to play? Buttons will play and manipulate any toy that is handed to him. Trucks and action figures are some of his favorites!

Lucy Goosey

What comes to mind if someone asks you to name some favorite monkey treats? You might think of healthy treats like peanut butter or oatmeal. Not for Miss Lucy!


Meet Tricia! Tricia is a 28-year-old capuchin monkey at The Monkey College.

Koko: Sweet "Koko Bean!"

Koko and TC are best bathing friends. Koko (“Koko Bean”) enjoys baths and loves to soak in the hot water with lots of bubbles. She likely wishes her bathing buddy was a little less enthusiastic! Koko often gets splashed in the face as TC washes herself.

Wendy: Wendy Woo

Wendy is a 29-year-old female capuchin spending her post-service years at The Monkey Living Center. Wendy is a shy girl around people but she can be confident around her monkey friends!

Mango: Mango Man!

Mango is one of the older monkeys here at The Monkey Living Center—he's 38. He's been placed two times, and his first placement lasted 15 years!

Meet Goldie!

Goldie is a curious 29-year-old capuchin. Her favorite toy is anything that she can take apart - she loves to try and disassemble even the sturdiest of toys.

Meet Vicki!

Vicki is a very motivated 28-year old monkey—she will speed through tasks and then come wait for the next one.