Meet Our Monkeys

Our service monkeys are provided at no cost to our recipients.

Our Monkey Helpers

Helping Hands service monkeys are special. They are highly trained and uniquely able to perform tasks that no other service animal can do. They are also playful and entertaining, and love to give and receive affection and companionship. Enjoy reading about some of our current students at The Monkey College.


Favorite treat: Hummus
Favorite toy: Mirrors


Favorite treat: Walnuts
Favorite toy: ANYTHING with mirrors


Favorite treat: Peanut butter, oatmeal, and crushed walnuts
Favorite toy: Stuffed animals


Favorite treat: Peanut butter
Best Friends: Mandy, Heidi, and Annie


Favorite treat: Chow and oatmeal
Best Friend: Daisy


Favorite task: Sun
Bedtime Habit: Loves warm blankets fresh from the dryer


Favorite treat: Oatmeal
Bathtime routine: Sadie LOVES her baths - she will soak until the water turns cold


Favorite treat: Peanut Butter
Favorite toy: Mirrors


Best friends: Gordy, Ashley, Charlie
Favorite treat: Walnuts in the shell


Favorite toy: A toy cell phones with lots of buttons
Best friend: Mikey


Favorite task: Bucket - throwing an item into the trash
Favorite toy: An orange stuffed Hamster
Favorite treat: Peanut butter
Most entertaining behavior: She takes her favorite toy to bed with her and gently grooms it every night


Favorite treat: She doesn't have a favorite - she loves them all!
Favorite Task: Pushing buttons
Most entertaining behavior: Bouncing on the ball and laughing in the playroom - Visit our Facebook page to see a video!
Best Friend: Heidi


Goldie is a very smart, very motivated monkey, currently studying in the Cubicle, the first stage of training.


Sophie is a super sweet monkey who we lovingly refer to as our little starlet! She has been featured in both a short media piece (Great Big Story) and a longer film (Judy and Sophie’s Story).


Mango is one of our retired service monkeys here at The Monkey College. He retired after 19 years of serving others.