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Meet Our Monkeys

Our service monkeys are provided at no cost to our recipients.

Meet Our Monkeys

Small Hands, Big Hearts!

With an attentive and affectionate monkey helper, our recipients are defined more by what they have gained than by what they have lost. It is impossible to calculate the value of this transformation. No price can be put on the independence, self-respect, joy, and sense of empowerment that our monkey helpers bring to their human partners.  Make your tax-deductible gift today and support our monkeys in training and in placement homes!

Monkeys in a Minute

Our Monkey Helpers

Albert: The Class Clown!

Albert is a smart, funny, and quirky 34-year old monkey who lives at The Monkey College. After providing wonderful service to past recipients, Albert came back to live at The Monkey College.

Becky: "Queen" of The Monkey College!

Becky is one of the favorites among the volunteers and staff here at The Monkey College.  


Amy: A Longtime Friend

Amy and MaryKay have been together since 2004. MaryKay chose Helping Hands because she saw a news segment on TV that showed her just how helpful a monkey could be to somebody with her level of mobility impairment.