Meet Our Monkeys

Our service monkeys are provided at no cost to our recipients.


Imagine that you are home alone and you drop your cell phone on the floor with no way of picking it up. Many of our recipients don't have the ability to reach down to get something off the floor. "It is 18 inches away, but it might as well be 18 miles away," said George, the husband of one of our recipients. Not a problem for a service monkey—one of the most important tasks our monkeys are taught is Fetch.

Using a laser pointer, the trainer points at an object and says "Fetch". The monkey then brings the object and places it in the lap of the trainer. The monkeys will, over time, anticipate their recipient's needs, so when an object falls to the floor, they automatically fetch it back to their lap.

The importance of Fetch to a recipient cannot be stressed enough. Although it is probably one of the easier tasks to teach a monkey, it is arguably the most important.