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Building your own Facebook Fundraiser

It all started in the fall of 2016. Facebook released a new tool that would change the way money was raised through social media. It has been a huge success. Since the inception of the Facebook Fundraiser, over 40 friends have raised thousands of dollars for Helping Hands on Facebook!

1.) Go to your Facebook homepage/newsfeed. On the left-hand side, find “fundraisers” and click on it. Or just go here and follow the steps.

2.) Click on “Raise Money for a Nonprofit Organization.”

3.) Search for Helping Hands: Monkey Helpers for the Disabled. Confirm that it is Helping Hands from the logo and our organizational information and click on “Create Fundraiser.” You will be prompted to set up the fundraiser.

4.) How much do you want to raise? Be ambitious but practical. You can always raise more than your goal. You can also change your fundraiser end date later if needed. If you don’t hit your goal, that’s ok. Every donation makes a difference!

5.) When do you want your fundraiser to end? You don’t want it to end too soon, especially if you start getting traction in the last few days. We recommend picking 15-30 days from your start date. (Facebook Fundraisers are all public, so anyone on Facebook can see them.)

6.) Why are you raising money? Think of something short but impactful and memorable for your title that gets right to the point. For your explanation, you have a few sentences to make a personal appeal to your friends about why Helping Hands means so much to you. A brief anecdote or story (in a few sentences) will be effective. It should have impact and urgency! Then you will be invited to add a picture.

7.) Once you activate your fundraiser, it is live and on your page.

8.) The moment the fundraiser goes live, invite people to your fundraiser from inside and outside of Facebook.

Building a Facebook Fundraiser


Building a Facebook Fundraiser


Building a Facebook Fundraiser

Your Facebook Fundraiser is up and running! Now what do you do?

Here are some tips and tricks to make it stand out from the crowd!


Courtesy of Mind The Gap Consulting