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What should my family or caregivers know prior to a monkey placement?

Often times, the initial few months of a placement may be more difficult for caregivers and family members rather than the recipient. Often times the caregiver or family members end up doing the everyday monkey maintenance, but do not get the same affection from the monkey that a recipient receives. (In fact, we typically instruct family members and caregivers to “ignore” the monkey so that the bond with the new recipient is built.)

Initially a monkey placement may be seen as an extra burden for caregivers as they now must take care of the monkey in addition to prior commitments. As a recipient, you may also feel guilty assigning your caregivers additional chores. It is important to identify one primary caregiver who you feel will be responsible for most of the monkey care prior to the placement week. In fact, you should thoroughly discuss the ongoing commitment and responsibility that this family member or caregiver will have prior to applying for a monkey helper. Some chores your caregiver may have to assist with are: monkey bathing (at least once a week), nail filing (once every few weeks or as needed), changing cage papers (daily), changing blankets (daily), and feeding (daily).