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Apply for a Monkey

We support all our service monkeys for their entire lives.

What is involved in the application process for becoming a monkey helper recipient?

The application process for becoming a monkey helper recipient is an extensive multi-step process. Our goal is to assure that each placement represents the best environment for the monkey helper and the best match for his/her recipient. After meeting all of our eligibility requirements, the process begins by completing a 10 page paper application, providing medical and personal references, and making a home video.

Helping Hands will typically make a home visit prior to placement. During this visit we continue to assess your readiness for a monkey helper, and talk in person about the placement week, expectations, home modifications, and the roles and responsibilities that you and your family and caretakers will need to perform if you are approved as a recipient.

The amount of time the application process takes depends on how quickly you get all application materials returned to Helping Hands. Once ALL application materials are received, the Placement Team reviews all your information and discusses if we have an appropriate monkey that will meet your needs in training at that time.