We are permanently suspending all new placements, but are committed to the care of all our service monkeys. Learn More.

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We support all our service monkeys for their entire lives.

What happens after the placement week?

Before the Helping Hands staff leaves your home, you will be assigned to a staff member who will provide phone support or internet video using SKYPE. You will continue to have daily support for the next few weeks and months, depending on the ongoing level of support that is needed. Once you develop a strong relationship with your monkey, task training will begin. This is usually the period of time many recipients find most stressful. Your monkey is still getting used to his/her new home and once our staff leaves, the monkey has to restructure his/her hierarchy in the new home.

Moving slowly is very important in the first few months of any new placement. This allows for a successful transition for both the recipient and the monkey. It is extraordinarily important to follow all of the instructions of your staff advisor as our experience helps prevent you from making mistakes during this crucial relationship building period.