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What do you mean by monkey “hierarchy”?

In general terms, hierarchy reflects how each monkey ranks individuals in terms of what role or purpose they have in his/her daily life. A monkey will typically place the recipient (you) then a primary caregiver at the top of the hierarchy, and assign an appropriate rank to other family members, caregivers, friends, visitors, and even household pets. The monkey will also perceive himself/herself as having a particular rank within the hierarchy, with some people above him/her and others below.

By understanding your monkey’s natural behaviors, respecting this point of view, and acting responsibly, you will be able to create a positive living environment for your service monkey. It’s important to understand that hierarchy is natural and not something that can be eliminated through training. We, as human caretakers, must respect the monkey’s hierarchy and change our own actions and interpretations accordingly. The concept of hierarchy can initially be tricky to understand but if you are accepted into the program, this will be explained in great detail to you and your family/caretakers by Helping Hands’ staff advisors.

Please watch the Monkeys in a Minute Episode, What is Hierarchy for more information.