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Annual Festivale Volunteer

Calling all event enthusiasts!

Event Date: October 21, 2017
6PM – 10PM

Helping Hands Monkey Helpers is currently looking for volunteers to help with the Eighties Edition of the Monkey Helpers’ Annual Festivale October 21, 2017 at our NEW VENUE, The Boston Design Center. Festivale features small plates from some of Boston’s top restaurants, a silent auction, a raffle, and live music.

Helping Hands Monkey Helpers needs energetic volunteers to assist with event set‐up the day of, during the event, and breakdown. We are also looking for enthusiastic photographers to capture the event for various publications and press releases.

Our hope is to over populate each volunteer station during the event so that people can take breaks and enjoy some of the event features.

Please review all the Food Festivale activities listed below and email the volunteer coordinator, Michele, no later than Friday, September 29 if you would like to volunteer. Please make sure to include the following information in your email response:
Your full name
E-mail address
Phone Number

If you are a photographer, please send us a sample of your portfolio.

Festivale Volunteer Activities

Saturday, October 21, 2017

9am-5pm, Pre-Event

Assist with table set up, layout display boards, silent auction and raffle set up.

Linen distribution and set up, assist with the bar set up, set up information table, silent auction set up, registration table set up, coordinate floral arrangements.

Assist band as needed, setting up silent auction, assist restaurants as needed, help with minor food and bar preparations.

6-10pm, During the event

Assist with table and chair arrangement as needed, photograph event, coat check, clean and bus as needed, assist with any last minute needs, direct traffic and attendees outside, sell raffle tickets, assist with silent auction, sell lighted rings for the new "heads or tails" game, make sure the space is kept clean. As event draws to a close, assist with silent auction check out, run silent auction prizes to people who have paid at registration, give raffle winners prizes after collecting raffle ticket, begin to help with cleaning and breakdown, coat check, collect Helping Hands Monkey Helpers accessories, assist people with meeting cars.

10-11:30pm (approximately), Following the event

Assist with breakdown and clean up after the event.

All volunteers will have plenty of time to mingle and enjoy the event in addition to lending valuable assistance to make this the best Festivale ever!

Volunteer Descriptions

  • Traffic/Parking Volunteer
    • Assist with any questions as people arrive at The Design Center
    • Direct people to the $10 Garage parking across from venue
  • Registration Volunteers
    • Hand out programs
    • Assist with finding name tags
    • Direct people to the Bidding for Good Table to get set up for mobile bidding
    • Assign/Record "Fund a Need" numbers
  • Coat Check Volunteers
    • Take coats and give tickets
    • At the end of the night return coats
  • Photography Volunteers
    • Take pictures of guests bidding, enjoying the food, buying raffle tickets
    • If possible get names
  • Restaurant/Server Assistants
    • Make sure the tables are clean and bused
    • Assist restaurants/caterer with anything they need
    • Other responsibilities may include staffing a food table, or passing food and or drinks
  • Merchandise Table Volunteers
    • Set up Merchandise table at Registration table midway through event
    • A HH staff person will always be at this table to answer questions
    • Assist in selling HH merchandise at the end of the evening
    • At 10pm break down the table and box everything back up‐ bring out to the truck
  • Silent Auction Volunteers
    • Monitor that nobody is taking anything
    • Assist with getting answers to any questions about the auction items
    • Assist with Pick up and Pay at the end of the night
    • Help direct any technical or bidding issues to the Bidding for Good table
  • Raffle Volunteers
    • Sell raffle tickets at the table
    • Help people with picking Monkeys from the barrel
    • Make sure all raffle prizes no longer available have been marked as such
    • Record raffle winners and their information
  • Heads or Tails Volunteers
    • Sell lighted Monkey rings to guests
    • Explain the game
  • Floaters
    • Help out wherever extra hands are necessary
  • Break Down Captain
  • Post Event Break Down
    • Assist in breaking down the event at the end of the night.

Think your friends and family may also want to attend or volunteer for this event? If so, feel free to pass this information on!

Questions? Contact Michele, or call 617-787-4419 x105.