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About Us

Our service monkeys are provided at no cost to our recipients.

Joe Murphy

Husbandry Assistant

Joe became involved with Helping Hands in 2006 through a high school vocational internship program. He is a lifelong animal lover and previously worked at a veterinary hospital and a dog grooming parlor, both of which he enjoyed thoroughly. He was not sure what to expect at Helping Hands, but very quickly felt right at home in his role as Husbandry Assistant. Joe looks forward to going to work every day and truly loves being a part of the team at Helping Hands. He takes great pride in the monkeys who do so much to enrich people's lives, and enjoys regaling his friends and family with tales of their personalities, quirks, and charms. When not at work Joe is happiest in the company of his devoted dogs, going to New York City and Orlando as often as possible, going to movies, and reading books. He is a sports fan who loves stumping people with trivia questions (he never forgets a fact!) and debating the merits of his favorite teams.


Photo by Rich Morgan Photography