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About Us

Our service monkeys are provided at no cost to our recipients.



Executive Director

As a senior level non-profit management professional, Diane S. Nahabedian has spent over thirty years working with organizations to enhance their stature through outreach to ensure organizational financial security.

Director of Monkey Care

Animals, especially primates, have been a lifelong interest of Alison, Director of Monkey Care at Helping Hands. In the third grade, she decided that someday she would work with monkeys or apes.

Director of Development

Liz returned home to Newport, RI from Boston College with a degree in math and computer science to begin working on nuclear submarines. After missing Boston and in search of her passion, she went to Harvard University’s Development Office to design fundraising systems, writing applications for phonathons and university-wide capital campaigns.

Director of Marketing and Communications
Erica, a Helping Hands staff member from 2011-2018, returned to the team in 2020 as the Director of Marketing and Communications and brings with her over seventeen years of fundraising, communication, event planning, and graphic design experience.
Placement Trainer, Manager of Husbandry Staff and Volunteer Development

Natalie worked with animals in a variety of capacities before joining Helping Hands. Since graduating from Wheaton College in 2005 with a BA in Psychobiology, she has worked as a zookeeper, a lab animal veterinary technician, and a manager of a primate psychology research lab.

Placement Trainer/Veterinary Technician

Allyson received her Bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Technology from Mount Ida College in 2008 and always knew she wanted to work with exotic animals.

Placement Trainer

Kim has always had an affinity for animals, having owned a plethora of domesticated mammals and reptiles growing up.

Husbandry Assistant

Joe became involved with Helping Hands in 2006 through a high school vocational internship program. He is a lifelong animal lover and previously worked at a veterinary hospital and a dog grooming parlor, both of which he enjoyed thoroughly.