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Laura Duerksen

Ms. Duerksen is currently the Executive Director of Hacking Medicine Institute, a non-profit educational institute that convenes global healthcare leaders, students, and patients to improve and invent digital health platforms and technology that transforms healthcare by increased access, better outcomes, and lower costs. Previously, she was Administrative Director of the Dean Center for Tick Borne Illness at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital. In 2016, Ms. Duerksen led the execution of Lyme Innovation, a research and innovation platform designed to advance research priorities and the field of tick borne illness through hackathons and strategic partnerships. She has prior experience in hospital administration, including positions held at Massachusetts General Hospital in finance project management and research administration. Ms. Duerksen also has extensive professional experience in nonprofit fundraising, including several years of working at the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

In 2016, Ms. Duerksen served as faculty at the first annual Harvard Medical School Women’s Leadership Conference, where she taught a course titled “Building a Successful Program, Center, or Institute: Strategies for Getting Started or Going to the Next Level”. She has an MBA from Simmons College School of Management, a Graduate Business Certificate in Customer Experience Marketing from University of Denver, and a BA from the University of Virginia.