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Board of Directors


Mr. Sanders is a portfolio manager in the Boston private wealth management firm of Howland Capital Management and is Chair of the Board of Directors. He brings 24 years of experience in the fields of investments, corporate finance and accounting through his tenure in the financial services, computer software, and public accounting industries.

After serving as Chair of the Finance Committee of Helping Hands since 2007, Ms. Trimby assumed responsibility as Treasurer in 2010.

Mr. Reddy currently is the Sales Team Leader at BiddingForGood, a industry leading online fundraising and event management platform. Prior to his work in the fundraising world, Mr. Reddy spent more than 10 years working in a variety of sales and marketing roles.

Ms. Keyes is President and CEO of Keyes North Atlantic, Inc., a leading provider of green technology and electro-mechanical systems design, installation, repair and maintenance in eastern Massachusetts.

Ms. Carroll is the Executive Vice President - Commercial Operations for AdvanSource Biomaterials Corporation, a materials technology company focused on the development, synthesis and distribution of engineered materials and solutions to support innovations within the medical device and pharmaceutical industries.

Ms. Cunneen is the founder and president of Animal Research Consulting LLC., a life sciences consulting firm specializing in animal care programs.

Ms. Duerksen is the Executive Director of Hacking Medicine Institute, a non-profit educational institute that convenes global healthcare leaders, students, and patients to improve and invent digital health platforms and technology that transforms healthcare.

Ms. Rogers is an executive at the strategic marketing services firm PARTNERS+simons, where she counsels a variety of clients in the healthcare and financial services sectors, as well non-profits including The United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley, the Alzheimer’s Association, and Portsmouth Abbey.

Mr. Solarz is an Executive Director in the New York Real Estate practice of Ernst & Young, LLP. He regularly advises real estate funds, public and private companies, real estate investment trusts, joint ventures, limited liability companies and limited partnerships in a variety of real estate related transactions.

Ms. Yusen brings to Helping Hands a strong background in research, design, development, and testing of computer systems in both medical services and the electrical industries. She worked to develop electronic communications standards and programs for the National Electrical Manufacturers Representatives Association.