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Our service monkeys are provided at no cost to our recipients.

Why I became a Capuchin Caretaker

Monthly gifts are important. They provide steady, year-round funding to support our monkeys and recipients. We sat down with Gretchen Kingsbury to find out why she is invested in the future of Helping Hands and chose to become a Capuchin Caretaker!

How did you hear about Helping Hands?

I think I first heard about Helping Hands when I read "Kasey to the Rescue."  It is such a remarkable story about a young man's survival and his mother's fortitude and strength. Ned and Kasey's story inspired me to find out more about your organization, as a result I decided to make a donation.

I live in California, so when my family and I visited Cape Cod to celebrate my 80th birthday in 2013, I was determined to find out about Helping Hands for myself. I was able to get a ticket to a Behind the Scenes Tour. That was one of the very best birthday presents! I still have my monkey hug (stuffed monkey) hanging next to my TV at home.

Why did you decide to become a Capuchin Caretaker?

The monthly donor program seems to be the "best fit" for me.  I have the resources and know that Helping Hands can count on my contribution each month to care for the monkeys in the program. It also could not be easier to manage! I don't have to worry about my donation—everything happens seamlessly. It is a win-win for me—and for Helping Hands!

What do you tell people about becoming a donor?

The virtue of Helping Hands is an opportunity to contribute to a program designed to help folks in a unique way. The recipients and their monkeys care for one another and bring joy and purpose to each other. What could be better?